063: Barter to Increase Business with Kevin Brown – Hudson Barter Exchange


Kevin Brown

There are two main ways to increase cash flow -by increasing sales or reducing costs. Barter does both! Bartering allows you to pay for what you need with what you have. When you power wash your building, hang new signs, paint your offices or buy office furniture/equipment with trade dollars, you can use your cash to cover other important costs. When you purchase something using trade dollars, it will be paid for with new sales – sales that would likely not have happened without a barter exchange.

Kevin Brown has been a media and marketing professional for 25 years.  After jobs running advertising sales forces for major media companies like ABC, CBS and Fox, Brown joined the ranks of the entrepreneurs over 5 years ago when he started Hudson Barter Exchange with his partner Karen Brown.   In 2013, HBX members traded over $3.5 Million in goods and services and the company continues to grow quickly.  To learn more about Hudson Barter Exchange, visit: www.hudsonbarterexchange.com

Bartering to Increase Business Episode 63 ACT LOCAL Marketing for Small Business

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