053: Direct Marketing Miracles with Marty Marsh

Direct Marketing

Marty Marsh

Marty Marsh calls himself and the people he serves as their coach/mentor/consultant, soul proprietors. That’s spelled S-O-U-L.

Marty believes that having your own business is the best way to affect positive change in the world and his mission is to enroll 50,000-plus entrepreneurs to start businesses that will ultimately make a positive difference in the lives of the people that they serve, and thereby affect positive change, one client at a time.

He knows the joys and challenges of being self-employed and is a teacher at heart, offering a variety of ways for his clients to get the word out about who they are and what they do through stay-in-touch marketing. He loves working primarily with coaches and other holistic-type professionals to help them define success on their own terms, to create marketing strategies with them that allows them to serve as many clients as they can handle.

Direct Marketing Strategies

Today Kalynn and Marty will be discussing what Stay in Touch Marketing really is and specific tips on what business owners can and should do to get the best return on their marketing investment.  They will also be discussing the positives and negatives of email marketing, direct marketing, and other strategies for businesses in this over-communicated world where messaging can get lost.

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