028: Google Plus for Business – The Hangout Helper Ronnie Bincer

Google Plus for Business

Ronnie Bincer

Do you believe me about Google Plus yet?

Already G+ has become the number 2 social media platform used after Facebook and it’s growing rapidly. On this episode of ACT LOCAL Marketing, my hangout buddy Ronnie Bincer is going to help me convince you to USE Google Plus for Business. The sooner the better!

Ronnie Bincer, known as the Hangout Helper, is a coach and master trainer. He helps others harness technology and apply it to their own industries. Following his lead, thousands of people worldwide are mastering the use and power of social media, video, broadcast communications, and discoverability online. Ronnie is a featured speaker internationally and has the exceptional ability to communicate both the How and the Why to groups with varying levels of experience on the subject matter.

Ronnie has assisted many people in various industries blend the visual strength of hangout broadcasts with other social tools to communicate their message in the most viral way possible.

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