042: Jeanius Social Media Marketing Plan with Jean Scally

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Jean Scally

The New Rules of Marketing Can Kill Your
Business If You Don’t Know Them

97% of all consumers use online media to research products or services. That includes videos, search engines, social media, and mobile web technologies. If you think that this is something that only “young people” use, you are wrong! Most of the buying public now uses them to make purchasing decisions.

The marketing paradigm has shifted from one-way “push” messaging to social media, which is a multi-point conversation. These conversations are happening online… whether you participate or not. If you haven’t adapted your strategy, you will be left behind.

Whether you need to build a list, or grow a loyal fan base-there’s a Jeanius solution for you. My guest and I will discuss custom marketing plans to take advantage of cutting-edge social media, lead capture, and automated response systems.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Jean Scally is a best-selling author, internationally recognized marketing strategist, exciting trainer, and dynamic speaker. Jean has been working with technology and business for more than 20 years. Today, she is the creative force behind Jeanius Marketing, a technology-savvy marketing firm based in Southern California and with clients around the globe. Jean specializes in on-line and off-line marketing that generates an unprecedented amount of exposure for her clients resulting in a steady stream of customers, and significant growth in both new and repeat sales. To learn more about Jean and her work, visit:http://jeanius-marketing.com/index.html

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