114: Google Hangouts with The Hangout Helper Ronnie Bincer

Google Hangouts

Ronnie Bincer – The Hangout Helper

Have you ever wished you had a simple way to create video content? How about easy video conferencing?Then you are in luck!

Ronnie Bincer, known as the Hangout Helper, is a coach, master trainer, and Google+ Trusted Tester (a Hangouts Beta Tester). Through his free and paid training materials, he actively empowers entrepreneurs and business owners like you to harness technology and apply it to your own industry. Following his lead, thousands of people worldwide are mastering the use and power of social media, video, broadcast communications, and discoverability online.

Ronnie has a new Structured Learning System for gaining the skills needed for Google hangouts of all types located at http://AllAboutHangouts.com

Ronnie has had a monthly membership group that covers numerous concerns with Hangouts called Hangout Mastery… but for many, there was a need for something more focused & structured. http://AllAboutHangouts.com is the new site that offers free and paid training in a self-paced one-time purchase environment.

Google Hangouts with The Hangout Helper Ronnie Bincer

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