124: Discover The Branding Experience – Mitch Dowell

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Mich Dowell- Branding Experience

What is the branding experience — every interaction between an individual and a tangible or intangible brand artefact can be seen as a brand experience.. is Mitch Dowell is the Founder & Creative Director of Branding Experiences, a marketing, branding and design company in the Baltimore/DC metro area. Mitch started his corporate
marketing career in 1997, working for a variety of startups during the dot.com and postdot.com boom. Among many marketing disciplines, his primary focus is on the initial,
visual branding experience.

“Branding Experiences”, however, is more than a company name, he says it’s a mindset – and one that every small business and underdog brand should adopt. Mitch is here today to help explain what that is all about and how small businesses can leverage that mindset to better make a connection with their target audience.

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The Branding Experience – Mitch Dowell