123: Smashing the Plateau-David Shriner-Cahn

smashing the plateau

David Shriner-Cahn- Smashing the Plateau

Today,we are smashing the plateau every business eventually hits. What is at the core of a successful business? If you search online for a phrase like, “keys to small business success” you will get no shortage of results, which tells me that running a successful business is not easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and no one would be looking for advice.

TEND Strategic Partners founder David Shriner-Cahn has 30+ years of experience in organizational development, which gives him the raw material to advise the talented CEOs, entrepreneurs, and investors he meets every day. David has made a career of crafting innovative yet achievable solutions that remain consistent with the organization’s structure, resources and culture. David turns concepts and entrepreneurial passions into economically successful business models.

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Smashing the Plateau-David Shriner-Cahn