089: Video Marketing for Local Business – Andy Sokol

Video Marketing

Andy Sokol

You hear marketing experts talk about video marketing again and again because it works. Yet for most local small business owners, it is a mystery. Today’s guest is a local business owner who has broken the code on video marketing and he is ready to share what he’s learned with you.

From Lemonade to Lawn Mowers, Andy Sokol has always had an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

For as long as he can remember, Andy has always wanted to be in business for himself.  So at the age of six, he began his entrepreneurial path with a lemonade stand.  Seven years later, he retrieved and sold golf balls from the local golf course, in his backyard and then followed that up with a lawn mowing service.

At the age of 19, Andy would find himself attending various training events to guide him along his path.  While discussing his success, Andy said he “knew the key to my future success would come from my desire to always be better than the competition, never be stagnant and to continuously learn from the best.”

After a successful – though unfulfilling career – as an insurance salesman, Andy embarked on his first business venture.  In 1995, he and his brother Jeremy started CopyScan with no more than a one-page ad and word-of-mouth endorsements.

Today, Andy owns two of South Florida’s largest independent Document Management businesses.

Andy has discovered that In order to have a successful business all these years, he’s had to market his companies differently than his competitors in order to stand out from the crowd.  One of his favorite methods of marketing is through the use of YouTube videos.

So how does a brick and mortar business monetize free YouTube videos?  That is the topic of this episode of ACT LOCAL Marketing.

Video Marketing for Local Business – Andy Sokol

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015: Choosing a Web Designer with Jann Mirchandani of Marketing Cafe

Choosing a Web Designer

Jann Mirchandani

Unfortunately, this show had to be postponed due to Hurricane Sandy which struck the shores of NY the day I was to interview Jann. But now she’s with us and we’re ready to talk about choosing a web designer.

Jann Mirchandani is the principal and creative engine behind Marketing Café. Jann is an award-winning website designer specializing in online marketing strategy and implementation for small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. Jann marries her 20-plus years of marketing experience with the technical expertise to execute online marketing strategies for the real world.
Her industry expertise spans the financial sector, human resources and executive recruiting and non-profit. She is a frequent speaker to business groups on leveraging social media and inbound marketing. She is a Board Member of the Advertising Club of Westchester and has previously served on the board of AAUW New York State. Marketing Café is a certified woman-owned business.

I look forward to interviewing Jann who is a true local business owner in the best sense of the word. She works within her community helping other local businesses market online while building a bridge to more traditional marketing media. She will have great insights to share with us.

Contact: WestchesterMarketingCafe.com Phone: 914-806-7720

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011: The Digital Arts Experience with Rob Kissner

The Digital Arts Experience

Rob Kissner

On Episode #11 Rob Kissner of The Digital Arts Experience is my guest on ACT LOCAL Marketing.
From Babyboomers to tweens, technology is an ever growing component of our daily lives and digital literacy across all generations will be the key to productive communication.
The Digital Arts Experience is a learning center focused on Digital Arts and Personal Technology. We pride ourselves on creating a unique, collaborative and, most of all, fun environment in which our students learn hands on with the most up-to-date software and technology. Sign up today to Master the Digital World. Our goal is to provide a unique experience from the moment you walk through our doors until the moment you leave.
Rob and Kalynn will discuss how the DAE markets their service based business as well as the important education that they offer to their community in promoting digital literacy.
Website: www.thedae.com  Contact: 914-644-8100  Twitter: @thedaexperience
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