103: Setting Your Marketing Calendar 2015

marketing calendar 2015

Setting A Marketing Calendar 2015

Having a marketing calendar 2015 saves you from making a common small business marketing mistake…or what I like to call…spaghetti marketing. The throw it at the wall and see if it sticks approach to small business marketing is a real killer. And here’s why.

It’s very easy to make a wrong decision based on anecdotal evidence. We tend to hang with other people who reflect our values, likes, dislikes and habits. In fact, funny enough, if you were to write out an avatar or profile for your ideal client, you would notice that they start to resemble…YOU!


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Setting Your Marketing Calendar 2015 Episode 103 ACT LOCAL Marketing for Small Business

Part of my personal Marketing Calendar 2015 is to step up my use of LinkedIn.

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How to Increase Productivity

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