076: Mobile Technology & Small Business – Patrick Goodman

Mobile Technology

Patrick Goodman

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that mobile technology is saving U.S. Small Businesses over $65 Billion a year. If that sounds like something your small business needs a piece of, then you want to meet today’s mobile technology guest on ACT LOCAL Marketing.

Mastering the art of communication has been a progressive journey for Patrick. With a degree in engineering, a Masters Degree in theology and philosophy, and international business experience in Eastern Europe, Patrick possesses the ability to communicate clearly with multiple audiences and in various languages. Patrick’s diverse experience as well as hands-on mobile app development background make him a perfect fit to lead the Product team and Client Engagement efforts at Red e App. To learn more about Patrick and his work, visit: http://about.me/patrickgoodman

Mobile Technology & Small Business – Patrick Goodman

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070: How To Make An App That Sells with Alex Genadinik

how to make an app

Alex Genadinik

This entrepreneur knows how to make an app that sells and helps small businesses thrive. Alex Genadinik is a software developer, marketer, and an entrepreneur. He is the creator of the Problemio.com business apps which are some of the top mobile apps for planning and starting a business, with 350,000+ downloads across iOS, Android and Kindle. Alex is also the author of two business books. The first book is a guide on going from a business idea to starting a business. And the second book is a marketing book that teaches you how to get great exposure for your business. Both books can be found on www.Problemio.com . Alex has a B.S in Computer Science from San Jose State University.
Read more on Alex’s blog!

How To Make An App That Sells with Alex Genadinik

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027: Mobile Trends To Watch – Laurie McCabe SMB Group

Mobile Trends

Laurie McCabe

Is there an app for that? Most times the answer is YES! If not, someone will create one. Good for us tech geeks and those who want to stay up to date with everything. Why do most businesses want you to text and opt in to their information? What types of mobile solutions are businesses providing their employees and the consumer? And what is BYOD? My guest this week debunks all the mobile myths and helps us understand the ever-changing Mobile trends.

Laurie McCabe brings more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry to her current role as Partner at SMB Group. Laurie has earned widespread recognition for her capabilities and insight in the SMB market in several areas, including cloud computing, mobile solutions, business solutions, social networking and collaboration, and managed services.

Prior to SMB Group, Laurie worked in analyst roles as a Partner at Hurwitz & Associates; Vice President of SMB Insights & Solutions at AMI-Partners; and Vice President at Summit Strategies, where her original research of the emerging cloud computing model earned her broad recognition as a thought leader in this area. Laurie’s nine years at Digital Equipment Corporation, including her last role as Director of Market and Competitive Intelligence, provide her with critical experience from the vendor perspective.

Laurie is frequently quoted in leading business and trade publications, and has been a featured speaker at many industry and vendor events, as well as contributor to SmallBusinessComputing.com. She is a 2011 Small Business Influencer Champion and a winner of the 2012 SMB 150 Awards, and she blogs often at http://lauriemccabe.com/.

You can also find Laurie on Twitter @LaurieMcCabe and at the SMB Group website

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