124: Discover The Branding Experience – Mitch Dowell

branding experience

Mich Dowell- Branding Experience

What is the branding experience — every interaction between an individual and a tangible or intangible brand artefact can be seen as a brand experience.. is Mitch Dowell is the Founder & Creative Director of Branding Experiences, a marketing, branding and design company in the Baltimore/DC metro area. Mitch started his corporate
marketing career in 1997, working for a variety of startups during the dot.com and postdot.com boom. Among many marketing disciplines, his primary focus is on the initial,
visual branding experience.

“Branding Experiences”, however, is more than a company name, he says it’s a mindset – and one that every small business and underdog brand should adopt. Mitch is here today to help explain what that is all about and how small businesses can leverage that mindset to better make a connection with their target audience.

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The Branding Experience – Mitch Dowell

096: Personal Branding with Catrice Jackson

Personal Branding

Catrice Jackson

In today’s business climate, personal branding is a necessity. It does not matter if you are working in corporate America or as a solopreneur, you need to develop your personal brand.

Catrice M. Jackson, the truth-telling BOSSLady of Branding helps entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals clearly identify their soul-purpose brand and confidently unleash their Irresistible Trademark (IT) so they can unapologetically show up in the marketplace, shine and do the damn thing! Catrice is most passionate about helping business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs crank up the volume of their voice to be undeniably seen, heard, loved and hired by clients they crave.

She is a master-message mentor who turns mediocre marketing messages into social media sales succulence, an international speaker who empowers women to step up to the mic, speak their brand and sizzle and loves helping clients BOSS their brands by creating a 3-D sensory brand experience clients are hungry for. She does it all with her signature coaching secret-sauce, Catriceology, the irresistible psychology of branding anchored in truth, authenticity and freedom.

Catrice’s personal mission is to live her truth and evolve into her highest self. Her professional mission is to teach women how to live their authentic personal brand and speak their voice with irresistible confidence on any platform and her global mission is to liberate the voices of women worldwide so they can live authentically free.

Website BossLadyofBranding.com

Personal Branding with Catrice Jackson

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090: Personal Branding Power with Danielle M Miller

personal branding

Danielle M Miller

Personal branding in the corporate world. Showing smart women how to rise to the top of the corporate ladder is just one of guest Danielle M Miller’s specialties.

Danielle M Miller is a brand stylist and strategist who works with women entrepreneurs/solopreneurs/intrapreneurs to help them craft a distinctive, memorable, and resonant brand through the power of archetypes. She is the founder of The Empowered Brand, a boutique branding agency, host of The Empowered Brand HOA Show and upcoming podcast, and CEO of Danielle M Miller Coaching & Consulting. Using her unique blend of right-brain creativity and left-brain strategy, she helps women create a brand that imprints, influences, and impacts. When she’s not speaking, writing, teaching, and consulting, she can be found hanging out with her incredibly cute grandson.

Website: www.daniellemmiller.com

Personal Branding Power with Danielle M Miller

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