023: Linkedin Networking Tips – Linkedin Lady Carol McManus

Linkedin Networking Tips

Carol McManus

My good friend Carol McManus [aka: The Linkedin Lady] is in the studio with me this morning as we explore in depth, this MOST important professional networking site. If you aren’t on Linkedin – for shame! Carol is gonna set you straight with the best practices for using Linkedin today with her special Linkedin Networking Tips only here on ACT LOCAL!

Carol McManus is a self-described recovering corporate executive who left that world in 2007 to start her own business. She grew it quickly with a very limited marketing budget but through the creative and diligent use of social media. Today, she is one of the most sought-after speakers and consultants for businesses and entrepreneurs who aspire to grow their business by using this digital medium as a way to stay in touch with and attract new clients.

Carol’s approach to social media is grounded in her business experience. She works with clients to determine their business goals, their marketing message, and their ideal target audience. Then and only then, does she recommend the guide in the development, implementation and management of their social media plan to support their business goals.

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002: Sales and Networking Skills with Christine Clifton of Client Centric Growth

Need help with your sales and networking skills? Better yet, want to build your business from your existing Rolodex? ACT LOCAL Marketing for Small Business welcomes guest Christine Clifton of Client Centric Growth.

sales and networking

Christine Clifton

Christine teaches service-based businesses the step-by-step process of creating powerful relationships with the people they already know – so they make more money and make a bigger difference – without burning out in the process.

Christine is a friend and fellow entrepreneur who has a soft spot for local business owners which is a topic we discuss often.

She will share her insights on how to grow your business through the relationships you already have, nurturing them so that you can be of service while growing your business.

You can see Christine’s website at www.ClientCentricGrowth.com where you can learn more and access the link to make an appointment with her and her team.

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