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Butch Bellah -Selling

Butch Bellah is a Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author and Coach and truly love helping others reach new heights, develop new skills or overcome obstacles and hurdles. He formed B2 Training & Development to specialize in sales training and coaching for organizations and individuals. With more than 25-years of hands on experience “in the trenches”, he feels uniquely qualified to help you avoid pitfalls, break out of slumps or simply improve your selling skills. In his career, he spent almost 16 years with a large regional wholesale food distributor and helped grow it from $35million in annual sales to more than $250 million before acquiring the company as a minority shareholder with a business partner. Today he works with companies, individuals and sales teams to help them get more appointments, land more business and retain more customers—all while focusing on bottom line profits. He gets to speak regularly to groups throughout the southwest where he is able to draw on more than 10-years of experience as a professional stand-up comedian. (THAT was the best sales training he has ever received!)

He has been named one of the Top 50 Sales Experts and one of the Top 100 Business Coaches to follow on Twitter and his first book, The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging In To The Power Of Ten is available now.

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Selling – Butch Bellah

071: Sales the Sleaze Free Selling Way with Author Julia Kline


Julia Kline

Sales, the sales process and effective selling techniques are always a good topic to explore in your small business marketing. And we have an expert that can guide you in sleaze-free selling.

Julia Kline is a master of success, with diverse accomplishments in numerous industries throughout her career.  She was in the top 1% of the worldwide sales force with Mary Kay Cosmetics, became a Titanium Power Seller on eBay (meaning she grossed $100,000 per month or more in sales), built a multi-million-dollar real estate investment portfolio, has been invited to speak to small business audiences around the world, and most recently published the acclaimed Amazon bestseller, “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling.”

What sets Julia apart as a new breed of speaker and business leader is her intuitive, transformational approach to business and sales. She mesmerizes audiences with her dynamic blend of both raw power and authentic vulnerability.  She slips effortlessly between an analytical breakdown of an optimized sales funnel one minute, to an intuitive – even channeled – message for the audience the next.

In these times of rapid, evolutionary change and financial uncertainty, opportunities still abound for the small business entrepreneur.  But increasingly, success requires entrepreneurs to journey authentically inward, in order to emerge and make an authentic connection outward with customers, advertisers and promoters.  Julia models this process to a T, and also provides a step by step path that other business owners can follow to achieve the same result. She does this through her live speaking appearances, online group coaching and private consulting practice. To learn more about Julia and her work,visit her website at IntuitiveBusinessWoman.com

Sales the Sleaze Free Selling Way with Author Julia Kline on ACT LOCAL

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