006: Small Business Systems – Business Growth Expert Kim Beckers

Kim Beckers

Kim Beckers

Small Business Systems are a crucial and often overlooked part of every small business. Implementing the right systems early on in your small business development can make the difference between steady growth and NO growth.

My guest today is Kim Beckers, a business systems expert. I’m going to put her through the paces to get you the BEST information on small business systems that will help your business grow with the least amount of pain.

I might be able to get her to share the “Top 5 Devastating Mistakes Not to Make in Your Business“, Tune in and find out.

Kim Beckers is a small business systems and management expert and Certified Online Business Manager. She specializes in finding the hidden treasure being lost in your business. Each year more than 23% of businesses fail and one of the biggest reasons is due to money leaks. Money that is literally falling through the cracks between your systems and business structures. Kim specializes in plugging those leaks.

Contact info: Kim Beckers   Website: KimBeckers.com   Phone: 631.533.2546

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