034: Mobile Marketing for Local Businesses – Mobile Mary Barnett

mobile marketing for local businesses

Mary Barnett

This mobile movement of marketing is not a fad anymore. It is the wave of the future and increasing bottom lines of businesses small and large alike. My guest this week shares with us how to accelerate a successful Mobile/Digital/Social strategy for you and your clients and gives us the inside scoop of making money with mobile.

Mobile Mary is an Expert in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business and make more Money using fast, simple and easy to use, Mobile marketing techniques.

Mary Barnett is the owner of a woman-owned business called Another Brilliant Idea LLC (ABI). She has over 20 years of experience in Promotional Marketing Strategy and has produced award-winning events, B2B and B2C Promotions that utilize Digital & Mobile Campaigns with proven results.

Mobile Marketing for Local Businesses

In 2008, ABI branded Brilliant Mobile, a Mobile Platform that bridges the gap between Traditional and Digital Marketing. One of her happy clients is Kawasaki Motors U.S.A, as they helped drive 93,000 new customers to their 1500 dealerships nationwide in the summer of 2009, all with a game on the mobile phone. That campaign won a prestigious Mobile Marketing award for Innovation. She now works with the United States Marines, AMPM franchises, wholesale and retail stores, restaurants and appointment based businesses to be more efficient in their communication with their loyal fans!

Nicknamed “Mobile Mary”, she passionately speaks to audiences who are looking to use Mobile technology to drive more business to their store, restaurant, and event or raise money for their charity. She offers an integrated online platform that helps her clients with Mobile Text, Email, Voice Broadcast, IM and Social Publishing; Brilliant Mobile also offers Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps and QR Code Solutions that drive results to her clients’ bottom line!

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033: Gary Vaynerchuk Speaks – Need We Say More?

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

How often do you get to interview a bad boy? Gary Vaynerchuk makes time for ACT LOCAL Marketing in Episode #33 to talk about the Internet, marketing, corporate storytelling, and Google Glass just to name a few topics.

The often irreverant and exceedingly successful New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling author and NY Jets owner wannabe is full of honest, no holds barred advice for local businesses who want to remain in business after 2014.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a 37 year old New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author who is also a self-trained wine and social media expert. From a young age, it was clear that Gary was a businessman. At 8-years-old he was operating seven lemonade stands in his neighborhood and by 10 he had moved onto selling baseball cards at local malls. In high school while working at his family owned liquor store, Gary started reading The Wine Spectator and wine books, and realized collecting wine offered an allure similar to his previous hobby of collecting baseball cards. With a wealth of knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, Gary spent every weekend of his college years at his parents’ wine store. Recognizing the importance of e-commerce in 1997, Gary launched Winelibrary.com and helped grow his family business significantly from $3 million to $45 million by 2005.

In 2006, with a flipcam and NY Jets bucket Gary began Wine Library TV which revolutionized the wine world. His wine reviews soon attracted over 100,000 viewers each day and his die-hard fans nicknamed themselves “Vayniacs.” Gary’s cult-like following was the result of his unconventional, often irreverent commentary on wine. Using comical expressions like “Sniffy Sniff” and “The Oakmonster,” he encourages straightforward wine tasting and debunks wine myths. A business visionary Gary also started Cinderella Wine, a flash sale website which features one wine per day beginning at 9PM EST for 24 hours sold at a severely discounted price.

Gary Vaynerchuk Speaks

Gary does not claim to be a ‘techie’, but in 2005, he began video blogging and is known as a true social media trailblazer! He has close to 1 million followers on Twitter and was included in BusinessWeek’s list of the top 20 people every entrepreneur should follow. Gary’s first business book Crush It! Why Now Is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion (October 2009) hit the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Associated Press Best-Sellers lists in its first weeks. It maps out Gary’s road rules for how to “Crush It” in today’s business market by following your passion and building your own personal brand. His second New York Times bestseller The Thank You Economy (March 2011), details the effect of social media on business and has become required reading for business leaders. In the spring of 2009, Gary and his brother AJ launched VaynerMedia, a new breed of agency that helps Fortune 500 companies like Campbell Soup Company, PepsiCo, Green Mountain Coffee, the NY Jets, and the Brooklyn Nets find their social media voices and build their digital brands.

Gary has appeared on countless programs from Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Ellen to MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and NPR. He was also notably featured in Decanter Magazine’s 2009 Power List, which is a list of the 50 most influential people in wine and named Innovator of the Year at Wine Enthusiast’s 2009 Wine Star Awards.

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