014: Cyber Monday Comes But Once a Year – Carol McManus

It’s Cyber Monday and you know what that means? If you don’t, then you definitely need to tune in to ACT LOCAL Marketing.

Cyber Monday

Carol McManus

Today I am going to tackle Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday head on, then you’re going to get some help with Facebook.

At the bottom of the hour, my good friend and Rockstar Radio show host, Carol McManus, of The LinkedIn Lady Show will join me to talk about LinkedIn.

So join us at for some Cyber Monday Marketing Madness.

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013: Pervasive Communications with Fred McClimans

Pervasive Communications

Fred McClimans

Fred is a business strategist and advisor, with a diverse background and experience that ranges from startups to executive board rooms, and from small businesses to global enterprises. He’s here on Episode #13 of ACT LOCAL to discus pervasive communications.

Throughout his career, Fred has helped businesses become more competitive, adapt to changes in technology and market trends, and better serve the needs of their customers.

He accomplishes this by working directly with organizations to develop innovative opportunity-oriented strategies that leverage strong corporate branding, emerging technologies, and changes in consumer behavior to their advantage.

In addition to his work at firms such as Gartner, Ernst & Young and Newbridge Networks, Fred is also a start-up veteran, including the global competitive intelligence firm Current Analysis, which he launched to provide rapid, actionable insights and analysis about market events for business, consumer and financial organizations.

Over the course of his career, Fred has worked within a number of different industries, and helped guide a wide range of organizations, from local businesses to global enterprises.  He often shares his insights as a frequent speaker and guest on radio and online media programs. He has also authored a book on communications infrastructure and has been widely published as an editorial analyst, covering current events and long-term global trends through outlets such as IDG and CNN Online.

He is also an executive committee member of IntelliFest, an international conference on Applied AI technologies.

You can reach Fred at his blog-site, fredmcclimans.com and follow him on Twitter @fredmcclimans

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012: Sales Tips from Karen Graves of Your Sales Fix

Sales Tips

Karen Graves

Karen Graves, founder of Your Sales Fix is a no nonsense truth teller who has made it her mission to help business owners with a heart for service sell with confidence. She takes her award-winning sales tips and sales training experience with Pfizer Inc to teach small business owners what big corporations know about sales—if you don’t make them, there is no business.

Karen understands that making sales can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable and also knows that mastering this critical skill set brings forth an inner power that can change the course of your life.  Ultimately, she helps clients grow their profits, take control of their businesses and lives while creating businesses they truly love.

In addition to all that, Karen has been my personal coach and I can recommend her methods with all confidence. Come listen as I interview Karen to help you make your sales prosperous and easy on the November 12th live broadcast of ACT LOCAL Marketing! Sales tips just in time for the holidays.

Contact: Your Sales Fix  Twitter: @CoachKarenG Tel: 914.620.5084

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