025: Business Clarity and Pathway 2 Profit with Jody Smith

Business Clarity

Jody Smith

Is your business thriving or just surviving? Are you hiding from your current reality in your business, not sure what to do next? Do you understand how the decisions you make in your business today are affecting its strength, sustainability, and profitability, either creating a negative or positive ripple effect? Do your core values and moral code align in your business? My guest this week will help us answer these and many more questions as we discover the current reality of your business, while bringing clarity and alignment to our intent. Business clarity is essential to success on Episode #25 of ACT LOCAL Marketing.

Jody Smith CPC is a business success mentor, speaker, soon to be author, and entrepreneur through and through.  Jody loves helping business owners take their business from struggling to Rock Stardom using proven business strategies that keep a business strong, sustainable, and hugely profitable. She is an expert in finding the profit drains in your business, while building its core strengths.

She states that she has been an entrepreneur for as long as she can remember, has owned five successful businesses, four of which she has taken from start-up, to successful, to sold!  With over 27 years of experience in hands- on business ownership, blended with her education as a Certified Business Coach, she now is the owner of Integrity Business Solutions LLC and is the creator of Pathway 2 Profit – Quick Resources for Savvy Entrepreneurs Premium Giveaway Event of the year.

To learn more about Jody and her work, please visit: http://www.smithibs.com/

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