ALM 152: Social Networking – Cara McNeil

Social Networking

Carla McNeil – Butterfly Networking

Carla McNeil, the leading social media manager and best-selling author helps you make money with your social media campaigns on Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
Before social media came along, Carla worked in everything from selling Avon products to teaching sewing to consulting in the hospitality industry. May sound like she’s tried a bit of everything but every job, profession and career Carla’s engaged in has been about networking and being social. That’s what social media marketing is all about and it fits Carla to a T!
Trained by the best in internet marketing, Carla fast became a geek who loves to teach, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Along the way, Carla realized the power and fun of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Discovered that chatting, networking and socializing on the internet is profitable . . . if you know what you’re doing. Carla knows what she’s doing.

She’s helped her clients find customers and clients, build relationships, and sell more products and services with social media marketing. She can manage your social media marketing campaign or she can teach you how to do it yourself. It’s up to you.
In addition to managing social media campaigns and teaching about social media, Carla has also written ebooks and hundreds of online articles. She loves to show business people and entrepreneurs how to use social media marketing to gain customers and clients.

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Social Networking – Carla McNeil

041: Relationship Marketing with Cheri Martin

Relationship Marketing

Cheri Martin

This week, my guest and I discuss relationship marketing and social networking online, including some of the whys and what-fors. At times, business networking is not easy or comfortable for many, however, it’s important to remember it is  simply networking. Although certain people gravitate toward online networking because there is less to worry about if you’re shy, you really need to understand how to make it work for you.

Cheri Martin is a Social Networking Visionary with 15 years of online marketing experience and is co-founder of WCN Interactive, a Social Business Marketing and Coaching company, and is always eager to share her expertise with others through training, coaching ,and speaking of how to utilize the various social networking sites to attract more business, excel in Social Media, and grow their vision. Cheri launched  , an online Social Business learning center, in January 2012 with  internationally respected Leadership Expert, John C. Maxwell’s Team..

Relationship Marketing

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