123: Smashing the Plateau-David Shriner-Cahn

smashing the plateau

David Shriner-Cahn- Smashing the Plateau

Today,we are smashing the plateau every business eventually hits. What is at the core of a successful business? If you search online for a phrase like, “keys to small business success” you will get no shortage of results, which tells me that running a successful business is not easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and no one would be looking for advice.

TEND Strategic Partners founder David Shriner-Cahn has 30+ years of experience in organizational development, which gives him the raw material to advise the talented CEOs, entrepreneurs, and investors he meets every day. David has made a career of crafting innovative yet achievable solutions that remain consistent with the organization’s structure, resources and culture. David turns concepts and entrepreneurial passions into economically successful business models.

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Smashing the Plateau-David Shriner-Cahn

110: Ghostwriting Your Business Book – Derek Lewis


Derek Lewis – Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting…some people say even The Bard himself had a ghostwriter. At the very least, ghostwriting your business book is becoming a more common reality.

Business ghostwriter Derek Lewis has worked with thought leaders from five continents on books spanning technology, leadership, and economics. His clients work with the International Monetary Fund, SAP, DaimlerChrysler, Walmart, Microsoft, Disney, and the Red Cross. Derek is the author of The Business Book Bible, the authoritative source on how to write a business book. He holds a master’s in economic development and lives in Baton Rouge with his wife and two children.

Contact information: www.dereklewis.com

Ghostwriting Your Business Book with Author Derek Lewis

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109: Selling A Business with Fred McClimans

selling a business

Fred McClimans on Selling A Business

What is the process of selling a business? Are there lessons to bring form the startup phase that apply to the sale phase of business building. Developing customer loyalty, employee loyalty, paying yourself and setting the wheels in motion to succeed down the road. These are but a few of the “simple” topics my guest today will help us navigate.

Fred McClimans is a business and market advisor, with a diverse background and experience that ranges from startups to executive board rooms and from small businesses to global enterprises.

Fred McClimans is the Managing Director of the McClimans Group, a firm helps businesses uncover and understand the voice of their customers, their competitors and their market, developing business, product and digital marketing strategies that strengthen their brand and market position. Fred is also a Principle in the Intelligist Group, a consultancy that helps develop brands through advocacy and community engagement.

Over the course of his career, Fred has worked within a number of different industries, and helped guide a wide range of organizations, from local businesses to global enterprises.  In addition to his work at firms such as Gartner and Ernst & Young, Fred is also a start-up veteran, including the global market intelligence and analyst firm Current Analysis, which he founded in the late 1990’s to provide real-time analysis and insights on trends and events in the digital technology and services markets.

Some of his recent clients include ESPN, where he assisted with social fan engagement strategies, and Clarabridge, a leader in the Customer Experience Management market, where he helped infuse an element of customer-centric understanding into their business and marketing strategy.

You can reach Fred at his blog-site, fredmcclimans.com and follow him onTwitter @fredmcclimans

Selling A Business with Fred McClimans

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108: Producing a Podcast with Kelly St. Clair

Producing a Podcast

Kelly St. Clair of St. Clair Productions

Producing a podcast is not a time consuming process surrounded by a  technology minefield. Not when you know a podcast producer like Kelly St Clair.

Having spent years honing skills in customer relations and client management in corporate America, Kelly realized her penchant for organization and direction could be paired with her love of internet radio. A longtime friend asked her to partner as a radio producer of her very successful radio program and a new business was born. Kelly has booked very high profile guests for her clients including Arun Ghandi, Lisa Williams, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Chris Hogan of the Dave Ramsey company, and many Hay House authors, to name a few. She has since launched her own production company, St.Clair Productions, and continues to make show hosts’ lives easier with her show production and promotion so all the host needs to do is show up!

Full disclosure, Kelly is the producer of ACT LOCAL Marketing for Small Business and The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide Podcast.

Producing a Podcast with Kelly St. Clair

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