060: Corporate Storytelling and Brand Narrative w/ Lori Saitz

Corporate Storytelling

Lori Saitz

In corporate storytelling, the main character may be a person or the company itself and how a problem was resolved and the conflicts and tension that happened as a result of the problem.

Stories are what people remember in good marketing and what holds their interest. Not necessarily facts and figures, especially at the outset of building a relationship with potential clients or customers.

So how can a small business infuse good corporate storytelling and brand narrative into their existing online media? Here’s where my guest comes in.

Lori Saitz has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, corporate communications and broadcasting. She is the founder and CEO of Zen Rabbit, which is a company that helps business people say thank you to their customers. Immediately prior to launching Zen Rabbit, Lori worked as a radio personality and voice over talent in South Florida.

She’s currently in the process of a professional transition, which we discuss on Episode 60 of ACT LOCAL Marketing.

Lori is currently a member of the peer-to-peer strategy organization Her Corner. She has served as a pre-GED teacher and an adult literacy tutor and is an enthusiastic proponent for increasing literacy worldwide. She is a past president of a local Toastmasters International chapter and is a sought-after speaker for business meetings and conferences nationwide.

Lori spends her spare time at the gym and you may find her perusing the racks at Banana Republic, which she claims contributes to inspiring her creativity.

Corporate Storytelling and Brand Narrative

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